About the Ostrich-Free Test

Half a century ago people realized if they wore their seat belts, their bodies did better in a collision. They realized that they could not smoke in the car, because their children needed to breathe. Today we are realizing if we oxygenate our bodies, and don’t put chemicals in, ┬áthe body functions better on every level.

It is all common sense. Oxygenizing your body, breathing and seat belts are good for you. In order to be able to do what makes sense today, you have to educate yourself. Like the tobacco companies tried to hide the fact that smoking is not healthy 50 years ago, food companies are doing the same greedy things and on a more subversive level. People did not want to hear the truth about smoking, because they did not want to quit addictive nicotine. Today people do not want to hear the truth about eating fast food and sugar, because they don’t want to quit addictive processed foods. It is more difficult to quit addictive foods than it is nicotine, because you also have to quit the convenience that eating out of a box provides our busy lifestyles. The food problem is also harder to recognize today, than the smoking problem was, because it is prevalent – just about everybody partakes – even children. Pull your head out of the sand and be aware that it is just as dangerous. Let your journey to stimulate your life begin with informed power.

Informed power about how your body works. The one and only vehicle you get to travel around on this planet. Invest the time into knowing how it works. Then you will have the power to supply it with the right kind of gas it needs. Every model is different, so if you have a basic understanding, you can choose according to what gives you the best energy.

Be informed and be powerful. This site will only talk about products or services that have passed the Ostrich-Free Test. If you have something that adds health to the human body, submit it for review to ostrichfreediet@gmail.com No sticking our heads in the sand and letting processed foods or deceptive labeling slip by.

Pull Your Head Out
Pull Your Head Out


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